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Regular examination is an important aspect to reliability and durability of your brakes and brake pads.

Brake Services

The brakes on your vehicle require periodic maintenance, repairs, and sometimes even replacement. The repair and adjustment of brakes should be carried out by a professional at least once a year. The braking system of your vehicle is the most crucial safety feature, so it is imperative that you keep it well maintained and stay on top of repairs. At Everybody's Auto Service in , we can solve all problems related to brake systems in your car, truck, or SUV.

Brake Repair Services May Include:


  • Replacing the pads or brake shoes

  • Replacing machine rotors and drums

  • Replacing the brake caliper if necessary

  • Brake flushing and brake fluid replacement

  • Replacing computer ABS modules

  • Replacing brake hoses and lines

  • Replacing sensors

  • Replacing master cylinders


The Importance of Brake Repair and Maintenance

Without working brakes, your car will not be able to slow down or come to a stop. Your braking system is made up of components that need brake fluid to keep them lubricated. Regular brake maintenance and repair will ensure that your brakes engage every time you press on the brake pedal. Brake components are made with materials that, by design, gradually wear due to friction. Worn brake pads put stress on other parts of the brake system including rotors, drums, and calipers. If any of these parts become damaged, it will be costly to repair.

Signs of Bad Brakes

Have your brakes checked right away if you observe any of the following:

  • A high-pitched squeak when you press the brake pedal

  • A scratching or grinding noise when not braking, as this could be an indication of a brake or bearing concern and ought to be evaluated right away

  • Shaking or vibration in the course of stopping

  • Requiring more pressure to stop than normal


Everybody's Auto Service Offers Quality Brake Repair Services in

Routine brake maintenance and repair will ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle and save you money on costly brake repair bills if issues are left unattended. Let our expert technicians evaluate the condition of your brakes and, if needed, perform repairs or replacement. At Earl's Garage, our technicians are ready to put their expertise and years of experience to work on your brakes. Call us today for brake repair or any other auto service in .

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